Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Ed Emberley!

Ed Emberley is the first artist I remember really connecting with as a kid. And as much I as I have always loved his "Drawing Book" series, his work has come to mean even more to me in recent years as I've learned about books like Drummer Hoff, The Wing on a Flea, Suppose You Met a Witch, Paul Bunyan, One Wide River to Cross (and many, many others) that employ an inspiring number of styles and techniques.

My own studio practice has included a lot more experimentation lately, and I think I partly owe this to the example he set. He seems to always be investigating and exploring as an artist, even when he had defined a successful style.

I have wanted to make a tribute piece to Ed Emberley for some time, and when I realized his birthday is coming up on October 19th, the timing seemed right. I've made a sheet to teach anyone how to draw Kroc (and his watermelon) using only simple shapes and lines, and you can download a printable pdf below. Hope he doesn't mind me using his technique, and of course, Happy Birthday Mr. Emberley!

Click here if you'd like to download a printable pdf of this sheet

If you (or your kids!) happen to make a drawing of Kroc, please email me a photo at and I'll feature them in a future blog post. Thanks!


  1. This is a great idea!
    ps I love Drummer Hoff -- and so does Holly.

  2. Greg, you may have seen this already, but its a fantastic 15 min on Mr. Emberley. I tweeted Ed thanking him for being my first art teacher. He graciously wrote back to me. Your tribute to him is fantastic!