Monday, March 12, 2012

Message to you, Ruby

This weekend Tim Gough came by and we started working on a new collaborative print. We both typically work in our own odd analog/digital hybrid ways, so when we make stuff together we level the field a bit and work with rubylith. I like how tactile it is to work with, and it always prints great, but it does hurt my brain a bit sometimes. Here's some pics:

We start by making a drawing. We both make thumbnails and talk about what we want to try and then we make a sketch to the size of the print, in this case it's 11x14 inches. We set a stopwatch to 5 minutes and then each take turns, 5 minutes for Greg, 5 minutes for Tim, etc. We draw this way til it's done. 

So then we have a drawing! This one took 20 minutes.

 This is a fresh sheet of rubylith laid over top of the drawing.
 Rubylith is two layers: a layer of clear acetate on the bottom with a layer of thin red film adhered on top. We use x-acto knives to cut through the layer of red film and pull it off of the clear acetate. Any of the red film that we leave is what will show up as ink for this layer of our print.

We cut for a while...

Always smart to make me stop for a snack or I get cranky. Tim knows this and comes prepared. 

After we cut for a long time, we have this thing! We use that to burn a screen which ends up looking like this thing:

And here's what the first layer of our print looks like! 

I would guess we have 4 more layers to do before it's done. Maybe more, stay tuned...


  1. super cool! can't wait to see the final with all the layers.

    1. Thanks! We should be doing another layer this weekend.

  2. Awesome! I have yet to try rubylith - it is so rad seeing your process. I'm excited to see more!

    1. It's a lot of fun, definitely give it a shot.