Monday, July 25, 2011

Typos and Twitter Fiends (Silkscreen Process)

I recently printed a 5 layer silkscreen, only to be informed by a twitter follower (Thanks Nuria!) of my literary agent Steven Malk, that there was a typo…so I had to go back and print a layer of white to knock out the offending misprint and then go back in with an additional layer of pink to make it right. 7 layers for the price of 5…very annoying, but I’m glad it was caught before I sold any and sent them out into the world. See the pictures below: 

First Screen burned:

Metallic silver printed:

Transparent blue:

Transparent magenta

Transparent yellow:


The typo in “nurseries”:

A layer of white to cover up:

Another layer of pink to fix:

Ready to be cut down and signed…sorry for the phone photos:

The prints will go up for sale tomorrow…stay tuned…

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